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Marwari Delights at Dilli 32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel

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Out amidst the chaotic lanes of East Delhi, lies this gem of a hotel Kempinski Ambience. Providing world class services and excellent food, this five star will not fail to impress you every step of the way!

Ambiance and Service

Located on the third level of the hotel, Dilli 32 is just one of the most exquisitely decorated spacious restaurants which will cater to your salivating North Indian needs. They have a Marwari special menu up which we just loved by the way (oops, spoilers!)

Amuse Bouche and Coolers

Sangri kebab

The green gram dumplings tasted very good and were very well complimented by tomato, onion and cucumber with a little bit of spice and salt in it.


This was a cornmeal porridge with buttermilk. It was basically a cooler which was a little thick to drink.

Aam Panna

It was very refreshing and the tangy flavour was just perfect. The addition of mint added a whole new direction to this drink. Totally loved it.


Mirchi Vada

A large green chilli with a potato stuffing around it. I was expecting it to be a little more spicier but otherwise it tasted perfect.

Pyaaz ki Kachodi

I am not a big fan of kachodi and try to avoid it as much as possible. But this dish has won my heart completely. The chef had told us that the original size of this kachodi is enough for an individual’s complete meal. And I can not wait to try that big sized kachodi.

Maans ro Boothan

It was basically mutton escalope with flavours of onion, garlic, yoghurt and figs. The flavour of yoghurt and figs somehow could not match up.

Main Course

Dal, Bati Choorma

This classic Marwari dish is loved by all Indians. Or most of the ethnic cuisine lovers anyway. The mixture of sweet choorma with a crisp and hard Bati moistened by dipping it into Dal is one dish you cannot just get enough of. Here they gave us three blends of Choorma. Your classic one, a gulaab flavored one and one on a salty side. The three with the Dal Bati was just the best dish they could present in the main course!

Pittod ra Saag

Calling out all Saag lovers! This dish is just melt in your mouth amazing! Unlike other places where you’ll find the taste of spices more than that of saag, over here they served a perfect blend of the two!

Kabooli Rice

The perfect dish to order. It’s your safest bet and it will not disappoint! It surely didn’t do that with us!

Laal Maans

This spicy mutton dish cooked in mathani chilli of jodhpur is surely going to make you lick your fingers. It was a little and extremely spicy. I just wanted to keep having more of it. The best main course dish on my plate undoubtedly!


Chicken cooked with a strong flavour of chilli and ginger. It was very soft and surely to make your taste buds reach heaven! Loved this dish totally.


The drinks were amazing too! The Mojito being tasty and refreshing, the Shahi Shikanji is what took my heart away. If the child in you still remembers the classic Banta and the kancha inside, you should order this drink, if not for the taste but just for the experience of it! The quality is highly maintained as they themselves oversee the manufacturing of the mineral water used and ingredients.


“Life is short, eat desserts first!”
I wish we could do that. This is how we ended our delightful Marwari meal. The desserts, all three of them were just amazing! I particularly liked the Gewar which had a unique taste to it which I have never had. The quality of the materials used was just outstanding! Such fresh desserts which melted in my mouth the moment I took my first bite!

Chef Rohit

Executive Chef: Rohit Tokhi

Overall it was one amazing experience dining at Dilli 32 to eat their Marwari specials and Chef Rohit Tokhi along with his team has done a marvelous job!

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