Gurgaon vs Noida: City with the best Restaurants

gurgaon vs noida

Gurgaon vs Noida are 2 main pillars of development in NCR, with the high rise buildings accommodating the young India. Work hard and party harder is the motto of Generation Y. With hundreds moving to these cities every month, the new party places keep on hammering the pockets but that is the need of the hour.

Comparing Noida and Gurgaon is not so easy, plus they have varied factors responsible for their own growth. Both being attractive on different domains, let’s look at the reasons


gurgaon companies


  • Maruti had their first production plant in Gurgaon in 1970s and ever since the industrialization has been the dream thing for this city.
  • 1997, GE had their India Head Office opened in Gurgaon, the first foreign company to be established in India.
  • Gurgaon is the hub to more than half of Fortune 500 Companies, which makes it even lucrative for people to visit this place.


  • Energy and Power takes on in this city including Reliance, NTPC, Tata Power, BHEL etc.
  • Apart from all this, almost all IT companies have their offices in Noida catering to young crowd.
  • Noida accommodates hundreds of small and medium scale industries, which increases its count of number of companies.


Both the cities have adequate infrastructure to accommodate people to stay there and plus to help them enjoy in the respective cities.

Roads and Connectivity


For Gurgaon, it is a pain as there are only 2 entry and exit points while for Noida there are many which help people to commute faster and comfortably.

The roads make it difficult for people in Delhi to think beyond South Delhi, but Noida can be reached in lesser time from all parts of the city.


Gurgaon has few specific hubs like Cyber hub, sector 29 etc. while Noida is a scattered place, people in Noida prefer to travel lesser and so the visit the eateries closer to their places. These hubs make it impossible for Gurgaon to have restaurants throughout but it becomes an advantage for them as they know where the maximum of the crowd will be.

Famous Restaurants and Bars

Gurgaon– All the best ones possible, the expensive and cheap ones and almost every type of restaurant is there. PS: very posh places in Gurgaon have a cost for 2 as Rs 2000-2500 (without Alcohol)

Few examples- Imperfecto (Lounge), Dos Burros (Mexican), California Boulevard (Fine dining), Fork You Too (Hang out) etc.

Noida– Noida has many restaurants which are either low or mid budget with few places which are high budget places.

Few examples- Ancient Barbeque (Indian Buffet), TGIF (American), Mainland China (Chinese Buffet), Reverb (Lounge) etc.


Gurgaon is the heart of eating and drinking places. In case you stay in South Delhi or even South Gurgaon is the place for you. But reaching a place in Gurgaon is a pain for even a person staying 5 km away. For east Delhi Noida can be the choice as it will be closer and easier to reach and plus Noida also has many good choices to look for.


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