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Zazzy Food at Zamozza, Janpath CP



Short Review

(In case you are in a hurry) –

This new kid in town is someone who will blast your mind off with the crazy flavors and also with the innovative presentations. Basically Zamozza being delight to the eyes which is not just a hang out place but also a place to crash in with for your business meetings.

Price for 2 – 1800 to 2200 (Without Alcohol)

Hmm!* – Dishes we personally recommend you should try   

Rating 4.0/5 – (Serving Multi cuisine with Perfection)

Detailed Review

Right from the entrance you will feel special, the glazy mirrors and the beautiful bulbs on the top will make you walk like no less than a super star. “I am beautiful” is the song that will go on and on at the back of your mind. Opening up in the full array of tables will only give you a push in to spend your evenings there. No matter you have gone there for what purpose, they will provide you with different arrangements. My favorite is the high chairs in the center.

And yes I also loved the salt and pepper ying-yang placed at the tables.


Malabar Cooler– This drink made me believe that heat is ineffective when it comes to finding the cutting edge solutions. The mixture of coconut water and lime makes it not just a refreshing drink but also a cool drink to hang out with. Hmm!


Crispy Rice Salad (v) – Crisp will make you munch with the flavors engrossed in this dish. It is basically a quick bite, in the late lunch hours or early evening this dish can be a take on with coffee.


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Manouche with Zatar or Cheese (v) – It is a Mediterranean thing and you can enjoy the right flavor. And yes, it is not pizza so don’t expect extra cheese, just go with the flavor.

Litchi Wontons (v) – Signature dish of Zamozza basically, 5 pieces of this dish will definitely make you confused about the ingredients but let me help you with this. It has bean sprouts at the bottom with many aromatic herbs and litchi on the top. It is a completely fresh portion of starter which you would need to start your meal with. Hmm!

Dim Sums – Dim Sums might be very common thing, but the sauces they serve with dim sums are amazing, all different flavors and worth trying. Thick sauces will give you texture on the dim-sums and the thin ones will give you viscosity. So go ahead with the mix and match and experience the different flavors.

Swiss Fondue (v) – One of very authentic dishes served here I would say, the creamy sweet taste in the bowl served with crispy bread and boiled potato and broccoli makes it just amazing.

Silken Tofu (v) – The melted tofu in the bowl full of flavors is yet another delicacy which you might like here. As a starter, it is worth.

Peri-Peri Chicken – Served on the stylish seekhs hanging by the hook is a spicy dish. Served with pita bread and some peri peri sauce, do make a good roll before you have it.

Succulent Prawns – Prawns are a little spicy here; resting on the bed of sweet chili sauce they have a very strong flavor of spices. But prawns are worth trying here, especially when you want a decent snack.


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BBQ Chicken Pizza – Now this pizza is something which you would definitely not want to miss in case you are a meat fan. Trust your instincts when you even think about ordering this pizza and you will not go wrong. Smoky flavor with the small and medium cut pieces of BBQ chicken will make you enjoy the pizza. Hmm!

Verdure Pizza (v) – With less cheese and more vegetables, this is yet another healthy and light option available here. Every slice is special, and trust me it will be a sin to share your pizza.

Ravioli Pasta (v) – Ricotta and Spinach filled inside will make you experience the best of the flavors in pasta. Ravioli Pasta doesn’t just look beautiful with the creamy saffron sauce but also has its unique flavor. The dish has small servings and will be enough for one person only. Hmm!

Mushroom Risotto (v) – Mushroom stock is used to cook this dish, dipped for 12 hours makes it even more tasty and rich in the flavor. Small pieces of mushroom will help you enjoy the flavor more.

Thai Red Curry – Amazing thing about eating at the multi-cuisine is that it has almost everything you want. If you are bored of Berco’s and want to have your favorite Thai curries, try Zamozza and you will be very much delighted to change your preferences.

Seabass Pil Pil – Meal without fish is definitely an incomplete one, this grilled fish is served with mash potatoes and contains the right juices. The flavors are engrossed in the dish and must have for the fish lovers.

Tender New-Zealand Lamb – New kid in town has very new dishes and this is one of them. For all of you Red Meat fans, no matter which part of the city you stay, you got to come over here and try this one. Served with the mash potatoes the thick New-Zealand Lamb pieces will make you sink in the right flavor. Don’t forget to mention how you want it, well done or medium rare or however you want it. Hmm!

Mexican Rice (v) – The whole serving of Mexican rice will not only make you wonder about the color but also about the taste. Typical Mexican rice I would say, and yet another feather in their cap being a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Thai Green Curry (v) – Yet another brilliant Thai Dish, a dish which has the right flavors and yeah this might actually make you forget about any other place serving Thai food.

Khao Suey (v) – I always call Khao Suey a Thai platter, with the noodles and sauce and all the toppings you can decide the exact flavors you want in your dish. I believe among all of the Veg dishes, this is the dish you must have at Zamozza. Hmm!


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Blueberry Cheesecake – This cheesecake is the clear winner in terms of taste and presentation. Smooth yet thickly creamy. Don’t miss this one; this should be your after meal at any cost. Hmm!

Molten Chocolate – When we think about the desserts, chocolate is the first thing that comes to our minds and so does this one. Try to satisfy your chocolate fantasy.

Tiramisu – Served in the cone, with a good flavor of coffee, best stop solution for non-chocolaty people.

Crispy Waffle – Waffle will give a crispy flavor with ice-cream and for sure you will love the dessert.

Apple Toffee – Living up to its name, apple toffee with ice cream, will make you chew it harder and enjoy it till it lasts.

Other Information

Location- 52, Janpath Connaight Place

How to get there- 5 min walk from the Janpath metro station or 12-15 min walk from Rajiv Chowk metro station, situated opposite to the Janpath Tibetan market

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