EazyDiner: An easy way to dine?

EazyDiner is a startup by Vir Sanghvi and his team. He is a celebrity in Indian journalism presently at Hindustan Times. He has a published book called “Rude Food” which was started as a column a decade ago.

EazyDiner is a website and mobile app launched by Vir Sanghvi which helps you find restaurants, basically places to dine and drink.



This post will be concentric the Android App it has launched, the positives and the shortfall.


Name & Logo




Umm. Okay. Can someone fill me in as to what it is? It took me a while to realize this was their logo and not a loading icon. It sure looks like one but instead of bars you have, wait for it… Spoons! Okay the idea to use spoons was quite playful but umm, honestly it didn’t quite hit the spot.

One. That’s probably the number of seconds they took to decide their name. Easy Dining. Combine the two. Make it desi. And there you have it. EazyDiner!


Well the splash page is okay but it is highly inspired by Zomato and the TimesCity app. The UI (User Interface) although refreshing gives Google and Android the finger if we see their guidelines for creating an app. Random transition animations are used which are VERY far from what you’d call a elegant UX (User Experience)


There’s a lot going on here. You can choose your locality, your cuisine and have your own profile where you can see your reservations and favorite listing. They have user reviews too but their own reviews have higher weightage. While registering you have the option to connect via Google+ or Facebook, however if you try and set a custom picture, it won’t give you an option to crop it and it will automatically adjust the picture to a square making it look weird if it wasn’t already in those dimensions.

Another thing I noticed was that while searching, if you are looking for a place, let’s say Urban Punjab. While you’re typing ‘ur’ it will start suggesting places which have ur in them like “Burger King” or “Indus Flavour
Also if you click on search, a small search bar appears. But if you tap it, instead of opening a keyboard, it will take you to another new page to search. Weird!

Crashes and Unnecessary Usage

There is a popup to open GPS which it asks at the start-up of the application. Make that dreadful mistake and it will continuously hog your battery by keeping the GPS on and using it till you’re in the app. This is a very bad implementation and honestly I don’t even think they use the GPS to give me exact locations. Sure they located me but when searching nearby restaurants, it only showed in km divisions.
Meaning Restaurant A is either 0km away or 1km away. I would want them to be specific to the meter if they want my precise location.

Also the app crashed if the app didn’t get any response from the server. I don’t expect that too happen. Now I have to go through the entire procedure again to make a reservation.



Vir Sanghvi and his team has rated all the places listed in their new site. They rate on a scale of 1-30 whereas an average of user’s ratings is also shown on a scale of 1-5. Sadly we don’t know how many users have rated the place therefore we don’t know how much can we trust upon those ratings. As far as the critic rating is concerned, well if his food judgement didn’t fail you before, it sure won’t now. But if you don’t trust that, you’re far more safer browsing on Zomato or TimesCity or any of your other liking.





Who doesn’t want free stuff? Well they have you covered. You get free 100 points on signup and well you get points for every reservation you make. And you can redeem those points for meals for 4/6 or champagne brunches. They also have various deals throughout their website at various restaurants to fulfill every* Indian’s dream of bargaining.



So overall, it’s a nice effort by Vir Sanghvi and his team but their app has a few gaping holes to cover. They have interesting deals to try out but it is too big of a copy of TimesCity and Zomato to actually have something different. There are many apps already available which can give you great discounts.

P.S – Why are you using “easydiner” in your application package name if the app name is “eazydiner”? Typo? Well that’s quite a disastrous one!

[pb-app-box pname=’com.easydiner’ name=’EazyDiner’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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    Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for taking out time to interact with our app. The inputs have been shared with the relevant team. Our next release will hopefully give you an opportunity to not only enjoy an EazyReservation along with great EazyDeals but also a smooth
    interface. We hope to see you redeeming the loyalty points for free meals at our 300 partner restaurants & If you like to discover more about food, do keep yourself informed with EazyTrends. We promise to publish an interesting read
    for you every single morning.

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