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The California Boulevard ,Gurgaon sector-29

DSC_0208Short review (In case you are in a hurry) –

The place has a good ambiance and a place for everyone. The menu welcomes you with the choices which will spoil you. This place is specially recommended for big get together and plus their cocktails will definitely make you dive in the best of the alcoholic flavors.

Price for 2 – 1800 to 2200 (Without Alcohol)

Hmm!* – Dishes we personally recommend you should try

Rating 4.5/5 – (Serving Multi cuisine with Perfection)

Detailed Review

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone and even Jennifer Aniston; they all have one big thing common and that is HOLLYWOOD. Although it has been one of the craziest things for Indians but we don’t get to experience it fully. California Boulevard in Gurgaon is yet another outlet for the Rajouri’s chain of Hollywood Experience. Another point which we cannot ignore is HOG– yeah! It is a Harley Owners Group Restaurant. Special discounts and special parking space for you and your thunder ride. The entrance has Harley- Fat Boy displayed which will definitely pump energy in your mind, body and stomach.


Harley Davidson


The ambiance is brilliant; the Bar is located at a superb location; inside a train of on which Beverly Hills is embossed. Chairs are comfortable like you might want to sink in and never get up. For photo maniacs the backyard might be the paradise for you, amazing pictures with the original Los Angeles surf board or may be opposite to that with the golden man with the basket-ball. There is a small water fountain and also nicely arranged chairs.

Coming to the food, which is just like a Hollywood movie in itself.

Our movie starts (STARTERS) with the protagonist living a healthy life of a police officer and gets an amazing case



Prawn Spring Rolls– This is something like the signature starters for TCB now, shot glasses containing prawn spring rolls with some sweet sauce at the bottom of the glass. And those shot glasses are glued to the wooden plate, so that you don’t take them away.



Sushi Rolls (v) The authentic Sushi rolls might be very different from the ones served here, but trust me we Indians do require some Indian touch and TCB does that for us. Japanese food lovers, go for it. Hmm!


Peri Peri crispy chicken – Chicken strips fried in perfect batter which gives nice texture and crunch to the bite with a brilliant flavor of peri peri sauce.


Tangy Button mushrooms (v) – Spiced batter dipped deep fried mushrooms, first of all the mushrooms were very fresh and secondly spicy flavor is amazing.



Khumb Aur Singhade ki Galouti (v) – Usually the veg Galouti which are made with red kidney beans but TCB does the things in their own unique way- using water chest nut and mushrooms which together will tingle your taste buds – Hmm!



Mix Veg and chive dumpling (v) – Crystal dumpling are known for their thin outer covering, so thin that you could see the fillings inside. They look exactly as the name suggests and the dip with which it is served, these dumplings might become your favorite.



Ganderi Kebab – Ganderi as we all know is sugar cane, minced chicken is wrapped on a sugarcane stick and the whole is deep fried. There is something special about fried chicken and we delhites can’t get enough of it.



Prawn Agilo – Sauteed Prawns will make you love this dish, the juicy flavor is retailed in the dish and with the tangy flavor the taste is enhanced.

Tandoori salmon tikka – Salmon being a very unusual choice for making a tikkas, it already becomes a unique dish. Salmon itself has a very strong flavor and marinating before cooking the dish in a tandoor the dish turned out to be very well. Hmm!

[metaslider id=1764]



Peanut butter chicken – Infusing the favorite chicken dish of India with peanut butter . The combination turns out to be very well and we loved it. – Hmm!

Mutton Roganjosh – Rogan is the animal fat in which most of the Kashmiri dishes are cooked but this was not cooked in animal fat and we don’t regret it as it adds a lot of calories. It will still give you an amazing flavor and you will love the dish.

Grilled Lamb Skewers– Thick lamb red meat wrapped around the bamboo sticks is what you might be looking for when you think of a lamb starter. Lamb being hard will give you a little work out for your teeth, and this napolitaine sauce will give lamb a different flavor.

Indonesian Chicken Satay– Now this lamb appetizer is the chicken one, almost same concept but yes the peanut dip is icing to the cake. A very different combination and I would say tasty as hell.



Wok fried Lobster Tai Chi– TCB proves its uniqueness, fried Lobster. This was the first time I had some fried sea food except fish, and I think one dish in my bucket list is done.  Served in an amazing way, on the plate, the full hollow lobster is kept and it has fried pieces of the sea food inside. Hmm!

Drinks give our protagonist clues to solve the mystery and also a beautiful co-worker

Knuckle Head


Knuckle Head– JD needs no introduction, and this mixture of JD with ginger and cherry syrup makes the taste even stronger. The sweet flavor mixed with strong ginger juice and definitely JD will knock you down. 3 of this and you are done for the night. Hmm!

Bubble Champanska– Are you a fan of Wines and Champagnes, then this is the drink for you. But extra lemon in the drink might blow off your mind, so hold the drink.

So we have reached to the part of the movie when protagonist has found the villain and will take him down

Jumbo Prawns

Grilled Jumbo Prawns– They are bigger than the name suggests, served in an amazing plate with some salad around it. Prawns are grilled in a little spicy flavor which you can feel with every bite of it.


Seafood Thermidor– Something which is not found in any of the restaurants around. It is a kind of seafood platter served in a lobster. Yes, Lobster; it is served in a very stylish way. a combination of almost every sea food, molluscs, prawns and lobsters will set the rhythm for this dish.

Fish And Chips

Fish and Chips– A typical British dish, and undoubtedly it is one of the best fish and chips served anywhere in the city. The chips you might feel a little soft but fish is prepared with the right amount of oil which gives you a direction to go and try it for sure.

grilled fish with herbs

Grilled Fish with Herbs– A dish prepared with the authentic herbs on top of fish served with a lot of vegetables. With every spoon mix a small amount of vegetables and some amount of fish will give definitely give you an amazing feeling.

So, our protagonist fighting out the Villain and making his way through the soft Desserts and obviously a happy ending for sure

White Chocolate Parfait

White Chocolate Parfait– A dessert which is served in a jar, yes after dishes and drinks it is the time for desserts to be served in jars. Whiter than snow and crazily creamy, you might actually start liking the white chocolate more than the dark one.

Baileys Jamun

Flambe’ Baileys Jamun– Who doesn’t like sweets with alcohol, and who would not love a dessert made with alcohol. So Indian fans of liquor chocolates, try this special Gulab Jamun prepared with Baileys. The dessert is served with cream, and it will not even take more than 2 seconds to absorb the flavor of Baileys. Hmm!


Chocolate Nutella Torte– Now this is the match winner in every sense, layers of chocolate and dipped in chocolate served with chocolate on the top. This will make your mouth soaked in chocolate so much that you will not be able to resist yourself from finishing the dish. But beware the dish is heavy, so share the dessert. Hmm!


Location – 383 – 384 sector 29 Gurgoan

How to get there – Metro – It’s 3 min walking from IFFCO metro station


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