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Love- A necessary Evil

LOVE is a word which binds humanity and its existence. We all fall prey to it, emotional fools we are, stupid creatures. There is not even a single medicine to treat this illnesses, and not even a single solution to this stupidity. Some take a taste of their chances as a surprise ice-cream flavor, some choose to play tennis with it, and some even go on a lifelong tour.


Let us not jump to conclusions; but there are absolutely 1% cases of “happily ever after”, not bad, huh. Personally I have experienced love so many times, and so this experience speaks for itself and failures definitely make a gentleman stronger. All this time, I have been thinking what if, she had never walked in to my life, my life would have been much simpler, but then, didn’t I invite her and hence both sides are to be blamed.


They say “broken hearts never make any noise”. But our faith does. I wish there could be a special law, special court and special police to look in to the cases of break ups. Sometimes misunderstandings, and sometimes we just fall out of the relationships, but somewhere someone or the other gets hurt for sure. I am very sure; this law for hearts will definitely be bound to have some reluctant points, which will make the law-keepers to play musical chairs (the winner would be the one, who would keep his/her arguments at the end of the conversation). Every time a case would come up and they would spend half of their time in understanding their clients, after all if the lovers could be understood easily, they would never break up.


This advancement in technology has tried so hard to inflate the value of love, but it has definitely succeeded to reduce the value of trust by at least 10%. Sharing our lives with someone whom we have just met becomes easier every night on those phone calls; we forget that more we share, more closer we get and there we fall prey to this devil.


I am not against love; it is the most terrific feeling one can ever have. I am against the break ups, and the way we ignore ourselves while being in love. Lust has better effects; it doesn’t require phone calls, not for at least sharing life stuff. It doesn’t require endless tissue papers for wiping off the tears. But all you excited people, you forgot one thing, the tiny little organ which pumps blood, remains hungry. You need to feed it with love, sooner or later, you will. So the point is, we are definitely food for the demon.


This is where I win; I keep on falling in love. My heart always keeps me smiling, and instead, this demon has become my food. It is very important to make mistakes in this battle field; at least we learn the wrong moves. We all need a love guru, and we all can be a love guru, just learn from your own mistakes. I am sorry but sometimes this bloody thing happens for the first and the last time, so where is the learning? Romantic movies might play an important role in development of any lover, or may be romantic novels. Actually I don’t believe in them, so from my point of view, first time lovers should learn from the behavior.


People behave very differently when they are in love, every other friend becomes a point of jealousy, and every text has to contain the “magical words”. Trust me, many a times; it becomes difficult to underestimate the magnitude of any blunder which your simple ignorance might give birth to. While we grow with our relationships, it is very important to keep notes of the behavior, so that we can always refer to the tried and tested formula when we have to prepare the perfect curry. Our lovers might behave differently on same issues, but the essence of the topic will always be the same.


We often fall in love whenever someone manages to catch hold of our attention. Human tendency, but why we are never able to develop the feelings of hatred in the same scenario, because love is infectious. This infectious love covers up the feelings of hate within its blanket, as much as we try to unfold it; we tend to move towards the other shore. The other shore where we realize it is the edge, end of the world basically. We cry, get hurt but at the end, move on. So in my opinion we should never expect, and take whatever we get as a gift. Life is too short, it is difficult to be with one person for 100 years (not impossible though).


Belief is another important aspect in our lives, it gives us the power of understanding, or I not to be mentioned, the power of humanity. While we are still waiting to catch this train with our soul-mate, reading a book might help to kill time. He or she might be just at the security check, or may be just bought the ticket, or just reading another book on some other platform. Most of the times, we just can’t any longer and this might be the problem for majority of separations. Very often we use pink glasses, which we forget to remove while we board the train. Is there any solution to this? I doubt. I think this world needs a portal for love, and not for relationships.


My life is not a movie, but it has enough drama which is still left, I want to fly, I want to cry, but at the end of the day I want to sleep with a smile. Love is a complicated yet a necessary evil of our lives. No harm in feeding this devil, until we forget who we are. We miss everyone who loses existence in our lives, and very often we tell their tales, or brag about what happened between us. But then, those two words “move on” kill us every second, my point is why? We don’t need to, just remember them, cry a little, laugh a lot and let them exist where they are, concentrate on your happiness. May be someday we might cross our roads again, and then we might realise, the magical word “love” was just infatuation or just acquaintance.


I found love with my friends, my family and I am reading this beautiful book on this platform, and now I am so busy reading this book that I don’t even want to search for you. So at the end of the day, you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to get you flowers.

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