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Top 5 places for Coffee Date in Delhi

A good coffee= right amount of ground coffee + right amount of water.

A good coffee date= Freshly brewed coffee+ambiance of the place+peace.

A hot, rich, eye opening coffee ceratinly does the trick. The famous coffee chains have become too mainstream now, read below to find out the best options for your perfect coffee date.

1. United Coffee House

Location- E-15, Inner Circle, Connaught Place.
Average cost for two- Rs.1200-1400

Operational since six decades, UCH offers some lip-smacking snacks along the good coffee. The chandeliers, royal interiors and nicely-set tables transports you to the British era.

2. Amici Café

Location-Multiple Outlets
Average cost for two- Rs.1000-1200

Amici Cafe has multiple outlets in and around Delhi but my favourite would be the one in HKV, the sole reason being that you can take a walk along the lake after your coffee date. To top it all, the café serves great Italian food.

3. Cha Bar

Location-N-81, Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place.
Average cost for two- Rs.500-600

Although the place is certainly a ‘chai bar’, even then the aura and the food never fails to impress me. With bigger racks of books around and small iron tables and chairs, the place is never going to lose its charm. Avoid going on weekends!

4. Café Lota

Location- National Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan.
Average cost for two- Rs. 1000-1200

Artistic decor and open seating are the reasons why this place is a hidden gem. Enjoy some fresh and healthy food along with a piping hot cup of coffee.

5.Indian Coffee House

Location- Second floor, Mohan Singh Market, CP.
Average cost for two- Rs. 200

Sit for hours, revive old memories and sip in some decent coffee along with some pakoras. Look around to witness a spectacular view from the terrace. A not-so expensive place for a coffee date.

Any more options for the coffee date, readers? Please comment below!

Rohini Gauba

Picture Credits – Zomato  , The Hindu and Google Images

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