Ten Desserts you must try in Delhi

Top 10 Desserts to try in Delhi


Lemon pound cake with Coconut Ice cream at Mamagoto
The ice cream which they make in house is the best coconut ice cream I have ever tasted. Full satisfaction of our sweet taste buds!

Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream at Wengers
This is a Must Try for all the Waffler lovers out there!

Tila Kulfi at Ravi Raj has been serving this wonderful delight for ages now. You just can’t have enough of this ever.


Red Velvet Cake at El Posto
Located in east delhi and coming very soon to North Delhi is the best place to enjoy the authentic recipe of a Red velvet cake.


Carrot Cake – Amreli, Diplomat Hotel
Our search for a decent Carrot Cake was finally over after having this yummer! By the way, this one is beyond decent!

For representation only

Banoffee Pie –  Uzuri, GK 2
We have tasted good banoffee pies but this one is the best!


“Old Monk” Rum ball 70% Valrhona Chocolate Sauce
 The presentation will blow your mind, taking the most economical rum and one of the most expensive chocolate , Chef Manish has created a master piece


Opera cake from L’opera
The best French dessert you will find in Delhi NCR . The different textures in the cake and the balance of sweetness is just perfect!


Shahi Tukda with Mango Ice Cream outside Karims, Old Delhi
The hot dessert cooked in desi ghee accompanied by cold mango ice cream. The combination is the best mixture of hot and cold – Better than hot chocolate fudge!

Coconut Burfi at Bharat Sweets, Ashok Vihar
If you have been living in North Delhi or have a relative in North Delhi you probably know why this burfi made it to the list !

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