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NH10: A Highway to……Death?

NH10: A highway to.... death?

Warning: This may (read: will) contain spoilers.

Rating : 3.5

Last scene : Murdering the bad guys, driving a car in a chase sequence and then taking a smoke. Yes, this is pretty much the last scene of NH10 summed up for you, and no, it is definitely not the male actor doing all of this.



NH10 is a gripping story about a working couple, who decide to get away for a road trip. What happens thereafter is a series of events that unfold when they travel via the highway NH10 and witness an honor killing. When the couple intervene, they are hunted in Haryana and the course of the events take place throughout the night. At one point you see the urban India that the couple are part of, and at the next moment, you see the badlands of Haryana that exist just around the corner. The violence in this movie gets extremely uncompromising, but it serves the plot well. Anushka Sharma has donned the hat of a producer for the first time and has done her job in both the spheres very well. She is convincing as an actor, and has portrayed herself as an educated professional who is suddenly thrown into a very violent world. Neil Bhoopalam who plays her husband, brings charm, and ably supports her throughout. Mary Kom’s Darshan Kumar, who plays the role of Satbir and is shown as the brother who wants to regain his ‘honor’ by killing his sister has done a commendable job, and is portrayed as being as ruthless as can be, and does justice to his role.


The movie is one hour and 45 minutes long, which is a plus since it is tightly packed and keeps you on the edge throughout. The twists however, aren’t very convincing. The fact that Meera only encounters people who do not help her, and generalizations made about all Haryanvi men as being rude and never helpful are big questions.  The village where all events take place, is shown as being deserted to the extent that such less people are watching them is also questionable. Deepti Naval has played the role of a sarpanch and for the brief time that you see her on screen, she is brutal and convincing.The course of the last 15 minutes is the most powerful and is the part that stays with you throughout. These minutes also break the stereotype of the male looking for revenge in most of the films, and that is admirable. The movie does have its occasional holes but at the same time is a bold attempt by the producer. All in all, it deserves to be watched once for sure!


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