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Chew, M-Block CP (Part-1)

The review of Chew will posted in 2 parts, this part focuses on Desserts and in the next review we will focus on food and drinks served at this restaurant

The world of DESSERTS

Sweetness is just a word but its real definition lies in the experience. The love for the sweetness might make you feel like heaven, but the desserts at Chew will help you chewliciously enjoy them.

Located at the M-Block of the CP, this place can easily be noticed and the narrow stairs will take you to the dining area. The first thing you would notice is the place, and let me tell you one thing you will definitely fall in love with everything. Starting from the seating to the ambiance, from music to service and yeah icing on the cake is brilliant food.

They have few swinging chairs primarily organized for a 2 seat table. Apart from being amazingly comfortable, they will give you a kiddo feeling. It has a seating capacity of around 80-100 people, with seating arrangement from these swings to sofas and also to comfortable chairs.

This review will mainly cover the Desserts served in this restaurant. So for those who have a deep sweet tooth, this is the glimpse of your future journey.




1. Choco Lava with Vanilla Ice Cream– This might change the way you look at the Choco Lava Cakes, it defines the actual lava that bursts out of the cake. It is served in a bowl and the first look of the dessert might actually make you feel like, “not again, another choco lava”. But as you will make the first cut will tell you all the difference, the bowl would be full of chocolate and vanilla ice cream would get mixed with it.

Tiramisu @Chew (CP)


2. Tiramisu– Yet another place which serves brilliant Tiramisu, served in a Martini glass with a deep coffee flavor this Tiramisu will definitely stand out as one of the best ones.


Baked Curd with Fresh Fruits


3. Fresh Fruit Baked Yoghurt– For all of you Chocolate Fans, if you ever get bored of it this is the dessert for you. And for non-chocolate fans, this will definitely make you go a little away from chocolate. Prepared with cream and curd and some sweetness baked in the oven, served with slices of oranges this is the new version of happiness.

Chocolate molten cake with Vanilla Ice cream


4. Chocolate Molten Cake with Ice Cream– Yet another dessert made of chocolate, beautifully designed I must say. It is again a dessert which is dipped in chocolate, but the only difference from Choco lava is this one is prepared with chocolate so the flavor of chocolate can be felt with every spoon of dessert.

Caramel Sponge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream


5. Caramel Sponge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream– Now this dessert is again for the non-chocolate lovers; yes this place has a delicacy for everyone. The full sponge cake is cut in to pieces and then caramel sauce is poured on them. The dessert is full of caramel flavor and with vanilla ice cream, it only enhances the experience.

Caramel Chocolate Tart


6. Caramel Chocolate Tart– It looks like a small dish but it is heavy enough to satisfy your dessert hunger. The base is quite crispy, surrounding all the caramel and on top of which is dark chocolate. The more you dig inside, the more you will like it.

Banoffee Pie


7. Banoffee Pie– This is one of those desserts which you would not want to miss when you are in serious mood for desserts. Don’t miss on the banana chips given with the dessert. It is a very soft dessert and you will definitely enjoy digging in.

Over all, this place is a brilliant destination for food, and desserts specially. In our next review we will cover the drinks and food served.
Stay Tuned!

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