Social Media – A lifeline


When we go through a difficult phase in life, we try and engage ourselves in many activities to rinse off the ill-effects of such phases. It may be appreciating the nature, running around with DSLR’s or even blogging. These things might help you to forget the ugly part which leads to you becoming optimistic, but only to a certain extent. Then comes in the virtual world of networking. We might have downloaded atleast 10 apps on our smartphones to talk to a few people in our lives. A person who has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM and a few more have been termed as socially acceptable. Let me pick a point on some of these.

Facebook- You would have about 500 friends and yet you talk to only a handlful of them, let’s say about 50? To quote an example, if X liked your picture, you like X’s picture back but if the next time X forgets to like your picture, the connection goes down the grain. 49 friends left people!

Whatsapp-The app was working pretty fine and then came the concept of double tick marks. The app was supposed to bridge the gaps of communication but is leading to conflicts between people.

BBM- The best part about the app is that you are only visible to your connections. For me remembering my BBM Pin was becoming a task.  Not all people would cut down their storage space when Whatsapp exists.

Instagram- Angry? Post a picture.
Happy? Post another one.
I don’t understand, why in the world would people upload 20 pictures in a day. Since, the app follows the ‘Followers-trend’, it gets confusing as to what is happening.  People have started updating their bio’s with statements like, ‘You follow, I follow.
You unfollow,I unfollow’. Not to forget the stupid hashtags.
Let me give an example, for people eating mango ice-cream, would update the caption as “#Mango #IceCream #Ice #Cream #King #Of #Fruits #Yummy #In #My #Tummy”. Oh really?

Social networking has become a lifestyle and a lifeline as well and we are totally loving it. Isn’t it?

Rohini Gauba

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