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Trident, Gurgaon: A Sunday Brunch by Phantom

20150322_133354Phantom is a well know blogger on Zomato with over 200 reviews and doesn’t wish to disclose his identity.

Trident was on PHANTOM’S wish list from long and now they gave another reason by launching there Sunday Brunch. The hotel has a lush green landscaping done with a huge water body in the centre to welcome The Phantom. This looked so picturesque and was a visual treat.

I was totally focused on the brunch menu so without wasting any time I headed to Cilantro.


The ambience is beautifully done. Very bright and yet soothing. As soon as I entered I found a Moet Chandaon glass mount with chilled Moet chandon waiting to be served. The buffet layout on my left was very well and beautifully showcased with sushis right at the start. There were salads and some cold cuts on the same table.
The salads had a number of veg and non veg options. The veg salads were Greek salad and Cilantro Caeser Salad. There were a number of fresh fruits also in the spread.
In the non veg options there was a squid Salad, smoked salmon, Chicken Salad, Smoked Fish and Grilled prawns presented beautifully in cocktail glass.

The Sushis were the next, they were freshly made and presentation and quality was par excellent. They were equivalent to the best I had in Delhi till date. Tempura coated prawns sushi were the best. Even a non sushi person will love them.
Humus was served with lavache and was complimenting the delicacies.
Live Pizzas, Pastas, Shawarmas were the added feather in the Crown. The pizzas and Shawarma we had were great. Pizza base was thin and crispy. The pizza sauce could be better though. Shawarmas were superb.

During our starters we were approached by a chef and she offered to make fresh starters for us. This twist was appreciated by The Phantom. We  ordered for Kathal ki Tikki, Murg malai tikka and Machhi tikka. Machhi was the best of the lot. Kathal ki tikki was actually not that great , could have been better.
We also ordered for Chilli garlic prawns and Cottage cheese steaks.They were perfect.
There was a chat counter also on offer but I was not that interested in going for it. It was a nice added twist to the brunch, in my personal opinion . But I just let it pass as it would have made me do a compromise on my main course. Not to be missed was the Grilled sole with lemon butter sauce stuffed with mushroom,  zucchini and bell peppers. This fish was crispy and very tasty, a great combination
Heading towards the main course I found that they offered, North Indian, South Indian and Thai for the same. I opted for North Indian and had Lamb Dum Biryani, Methi Murg and some Indian Breads. Biryani was ok but the Methi murg was wow. Relished it totally.

Desserts lay out had a sumptuous display. Starting from Mango Cheese cake, Raspberry mascaporne tart, fresh strawberry tarts, milk cake, Rasgullas, Freshly cut fruits, Baked chocolate pudding, some more home made Indian sweets, Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel, Kiwi Panacotta,  and Coffee Mousse. Coffee Mousse was best of the whole spread. Each and every desserts were also good though.

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