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Diya – The Leela ,Gurgoan Rating 4/5

Innovation is the latest trend in north Indian food cuisine . once in a while there come a institution which give the people a dish to rejoice for decades . This is not among those places .


With the standard of leela they should offer compliments which don’t look local as besan kaju which is nothing to rejoice . They don’t offer a appetizer builder or a palate cleanser when the cource is changed.

The ambiance of the place is good and subtle . The service is prompt and effective . would rate is 4.5 /5

Food talk

Paneer snack which was recently introduced to the menu was churned paneer which turns semi liquid when cooked and a spicy one . The dish had very nice flavors and was a 4/5 . The points which was it lost was in presentation and the salad which Was too little .

Then we had some khata meetha kofta which we tried with missi roti and stuffed parantha . no innovation just a another version of malai kofta . This is not a Master chef judge dish standard . If I compare the breads to indian accent which has awesome breads they need to improve a lot 2/5

For a start rated place . ambiance and service 4.5 + food rating 3

Total 7.5 which is 3.75

Round off to 4 /5

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