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A Kulfi Treat at Barbeque Nation, Vivek Vihar

How many times we feel that BBQ nation is a cliché place to visit? I think so very often. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how many times you visit this place, they will try to give you something new only. Recently they have introduced the Kulfi Bar, and with chef’s special there is Make Your Own Kulfi (MYOK).

The road to the finals was not bad, basically you have to go through the starters, main course and if possible some soup and then you reach to this Kulfi Bar. And trust me you would not like to kill your appetite before reaching the bar.

The Hariyali Paneer was amazing. Just soft from the inside while a mix chatpata coated flavour on the outside. The Chilly Pickled grilled veggies were also nice. They had bellpepper and grilled pineapple which tasted quite good. Mushroom (Shabnam ke moti)- a brilliant name and so was the dish. But the show stopper was Peanut Seekh Kebab- it is not just an unusual dish but will also give you a flavor of newness in terms of griller starters.
Among the Non-Veg ones, Tangdi Mirch Casala and basil oyster prawns were the winners. Lasooni Mutton seekh comes next in the ranking, these all starters might mesmerize you and you might miss the amazing main course.

But before you proceed to the main course, there is a soup to be tasted- Pasanda Paya Ras; a mutton soup which is not just healthy but also tastes amazing. It had a tinge of lime and few pieces of mutton gave it the thickness as well.

Main Course
I must give special mentions to the Garlic Fried Noodles. Just looking at them you could see perfection dripping. The color was just perfect and the noodles were cooked with much delicacy. It was the highlight main of my day for veg. The Dal Makhani was a little on the sweeter side. The Paneer Mirch ka Sallan was good. The Biryani was quite well prepared.

Chicken Dum Biryani my favourite dish, just beware. The chicken pieces would be dry so basically you will be able to add your favorite gravy. Murgh Masala Jodhpuri and Fish in Hot basil sauce will also take you to an altogether different level. Something over the top for me was Lucknowi Gosht, it was a very good dish although some pieces were harder than the rest but the gravy was very good.

Brownie and ice cream is something which is very common and also it is very good. They had something called Coconut ki Kheer- a new dish which compelled me to give it a lot of space in my stomach. Not very sweet and just with the flavor of coconut it became an amazing dish for me.

Kulfi– Now the section at which we spent most of our time.

There are 6 Chef’s special

  1. Paan Kulfi with Gulkand- Definitely a unique combination; Paan Kulfi some rabdi on it and silver pearls and Gulkand to garnish the same. Paan is a very strong flavor and gulkand make it even better as paan is always incomplete without gulkand. This is the Kulfi which I recommend the most. It is a must have at BBQ nation.
  2. Fig Kulfi served with mint sauce and almond- This is not a very uncommon combination but the right mix of these flavors gives us a perfect dessert. Apart from being wonderful, this kulfi has health benefits as well.
  3. Strawberry Kulfi with rabdi- Strawberry is sweet and rabdi tones it down to give the most optimum combination. With chocolate vermicelli and mint and butter scotch sauces, amazing texture and the mix of flavors is obtained.
  4. Malai Kulfi with rabdi- This is I think one of the oldest kinds of Kulfi combination which is served in North India. On top of it, some butterscotch sauce is added to it in order to make it a little more flavored.
  5. Malai Kulfi with Faluda and Rabdi- The Kulfi is cut in to many pieces and then faluda is added, faluda is mixed with all the pieces of Kulfi and on top of it, strawberry sauce gives it even more authentic flavor of Kulfi.
  6. Kesar Pista Kulfi with Faluda- This is another Kulfi which we have been having since ages, Kulfi cut in to pieces and faluda on top of it with some grounded pieces of pista make it even not just more attractive but also gives it the right flavor.

Now, there is something called MYOK- There are six types of kulfis and Chef has tried his best to come up with the best possible combination for these Kulfis. But who doesn’t like the liberty, so with all the flavors, sauces and variety you can choose to make a Kulfi of your own choice. It can have nuts, vermicelli or even pearls or may be all of them. You can try Gulkand with fig Kulfi or Rabdi with Kesar pista Kulfi.

Now this is the beauty of this place, Liberty to choose the kind of flavor you want to look for. Barbeque Nation has come on top once again with a new innovation of Kulfi’s and I have to say it’ll be hard for anyone to match it!
Superb job!

The service is top notch with the servers just eager to fill your plate with food. Now that’s something I love!



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