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Dos Burros, Cyber Hub Gurgaon – Food


Tequila is made from Agave, which is not the only thing Mexico is famous for. The Mexican spices are close to Indian ones and this is what attracts me towards them. No matter what we consider, if its salads, appetizers or even the main course, they all will take you to a journey through this country.


Dos Burros located on the ground floor of the Cyber hub near the parking lot only. Quite accessible and definitely it will be impossible to miss the place. Designed beautifully with a good color scheme; white and blue soothing to the eyes. Seating arrangement is quite decent with very light weight tables and chairs; mostly white in color. The open area is more or less covered, and also has plants along to give a feeling of freshness. The seating inside is also beautiful, with very comfortable chairs and well laid table to dine in.




Nachos: Something authentically Mexican, now they have a range of machos, mixed with vegetables and Chicken. We had Chicken Nachos, their specialty; with the right amount of chilly and lime with cheese on top of nachos and chicken slices with black beans beneath everything is something I can die for. I wish it was a never ending dish for me, as you move more and more in to the dish you will get to explore more flavors.



Tacos: We had like a full range of Tacos, Lamb Chicken and Fish. You can ask the staff to arrange something like this on one plate for you as well. Tacos have the right filling which is more cheesy for lamb and spicy for chicken, now the point to take care over here would be you will need to hold the Tacos wisely and don’t let them fall down.


Black Bean Soup: There is a very famous Indian dish- Rajma (authentic Kashmiri dish), they have prepared a soup with these black beans and made it so thick that a normal Indian would not mind putting the rice in to it and enjoy the Cuisine. A sincere advice; Share this soup else it might eat up all of your appetite.



Main Course– Typical Mexican Main course can be found over here

Cumin Lime Chicken, Mojo De Ajo: Definitely the name is difficult to remember but when you like the dish, remembering the names become even easier. Honestly this dish made me skip a heart-beat; it was spicy and also had a tinge of lemon. When I mention spicy it means really spicy, you might want to stop your journey of Mexican food with this dish but trust me there is more to explore although you can keep this dish in your favorite list.



Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce: Grilled fish is served with white sauce made from lemon and butter; vegetables on the side and garnishing on the top make this dish even more attractive and more desirable. If you have love for fish with baked vegetables, go for this dish.



Grilled Pork Ribs in Mexican style: Another grilled dish in Mexican style, the best thing about this dish was that the pork ribs were cut small, so flesh could easily be separated and eaten. This dish was not very spicy but yes the right amount of spice which existed in the dish made it the typical Mexican dish.



Charred Chicken Legs, Mole Verde and Mexican Rice: Mexican food can never be finished without its rice, trying Mexican rice was definitely on my list and I think it worked out very well. The dish had the best quality of rice and also the chicken legs were soft and also cooked nicely. I would recommend this dish in case if you are missing the rice in your meal.




Classic Mexican Flan: A dessert which is as soft as the Cheese cake and tastes as amazing as possible.



Churros: Now this is an amazing place to have Churros, served with vanilla and chocolate dips the sugary twisted roasted pieces of  Churros are the must try.



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