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Indian Accent – Indian Cuisine+ (Part 1)

Disclaimer  -The review for Indian accent was done as  a normal guest , reviewer  has paid for the full Bill & tips also. The review was concluded in 2 visits in a weeks time and for the ease of expressing our views we have divided the review into 2 parts . First part will cover the Cocktails and appetizers while second part will cover Main course and  Desserts 


Indian Accent by Chef  Manish Mehrotra located in a  boutique hotel Manor  has changed the way to see Indian cuisine. Once in a century comes  a chef who evolves a cuisine for the generations to follow. The Restaurant has simple interiors and with limited seating. This adds up to the reasons for atleast a week prior reservation. I took my wife for a dinner on Valentine’s day for which I booked a table for 2, one month prior. They have only 2 slots for dinner 7.15 and 9.30. I personally believe that Indian Accent has been understated by most of the International awards.

Cocktail Section


LIIT – LIIT is a mixture of Cointreau, White Rum, Gin, Vodka and Tequila topped with coke. But there was a twist here, the LIIT here is topped with red wine and not coke. I was the happiest person to discover that as I stopped drinking coke from last 4 years. Finally I had one of my favourite cocktails.


Red Wine Sangria – Red Wine Sangria was freshly made was evenly “sugary” and fruity .Big chunks of fruits were added to a glass of red wine infused with aroma of Triple sec giving it citrus twist.


Street fruit chat Sangria – The white wine sangria came with the another twist.Chat masala was the twist which gave it nice touch. Chat masala infused fruits were added with Cointreau. The combination gave it  a tangy taste and an Indian touch this Spanish Classic cocktail


The Marigold – Among all the cocktails which I tried at Indian Accent this was my least favorite . A combination of Dark rum , fresh lime , spiced tea, cranberry juice and orange juice . Lime and orange juice killed the essential flavor of dark rum. The addition of cranberry  juice gave me another reason for my dislike. I think apple juice would have given it a better taste.


Smoky mountain – The last cocktail we tried was the smoky mountain which was a textbook cocktail and was brilliantly balanced. Tennessee whiskey , Ricard , orange juice and sweet & sour – A best blend I have ever tasted with American whiskey base. The drink was perfectly balanced not to stiff nor too light, just perfect.

Food Talks

Vegetarian Starters



Papdi Pizza – Pizza crust made of papdi topped with imili and yogurt along with potatoes and channa decorated with edible flowers. Fusion between Indian street food and Italian classic. The pizza was served slight warm and was brilliant. This will be a favourite of all golgappa and pappdi lovers.


Pulled kathal phulka taco –  They had a nicely done taco which was crisp but made with an Indian Stuffing made from Kathal. There are different textures in kathal , the chef has made sure that only the soft leafy part of the kathal is used which makes it a great bite.

Non veg – The duck taco is equally well done and appreciated.


Baked pinwheel paneer with coriander pesto – This is one of my favorite dishes at Indian accent. The soft texture of paneer marinated with  basil and coriander mixture creating a perfect blend ,which gives your taste buds a heavenly experience.


Baigan bharta cornetto, golden garlic raita – Baigan ( eggplant ) ,methi(Fenugreek ) and karela(Bitter gourd ) are vegetables which you don’t expect to eat even at home. But with this style to serving ,Baigan would be added to everyone’s favorite vegetable  .
The non-veg version contains Duck kurchan which is juicy and full of flavors.


Potato sphere chaat, white pea ragda  –  A tea strainer is used to make small round balls of deep fried Potatoes placed on the bed of white chick peas along with a slice of melon which actually looks like a carrot . You would literally lick ( chaat ) this dish completely.

Beetroot and peanut butter tikki, capers wasabi chutney – Beetroot has very strong flavor which is smoothen by the peanut butter accompanied by the chutney with a hint of wasabi. The tikki is crisp and crunchy in the texture. This unique taste is not everyone’s cup of tea

Non veg starters –


Meetha achaar chilean spare ribs, sun dried mango, toasted kalonji seeds – This is my favorite red meat appetizer till date . I am not a big fan of red meat but this is a dish which I can have endlessly. Cooked to perfection, the  succulent meat just fells off the bone and dried mango adds a bit of sweetness . Tooo good


Indian accent galawati , strawberry green chilli chutney – I was so happy that the chef has not changed the texture of galawati. Cooked in the traditional way as it is supposed to be .The chutney with strawberries gives it a twist. This is even better than Tunday.


Baked fish, amritsari masala butter, white bait papad  – Although the amritsari fish is fried with limited spiced batter this was not less . Baked fish was soft and the Masala used was balanced. This made the fish just melt in our mouth – Must try dish

to be cont in part 2

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