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Royal China , Nehru Place

Take a walk down China town for the most spectacular, delicious and exquisitely crafted Chinese menu at Royal China.
The whole aesthetic of the restaurant won me over and the food, just blew my mind times ten.


Ambience: located on the sixteenth floor of Eros Towers, pick a table near the huge glass windows and you get a grand view from the top. The interiors are done up in deep dark hues and just the right amount of sophistication and penache. FYI,  The restaurant is huge spread across sections and an open area as a smoking lounge. Cutlery is top notch and the whole vibe of this Chinese haven is extremely calming and exotic.

Service: Well, with such established set standards, the service has to be par excellent which it most certainly was. Food arrived pretty quick and the servers were very courteous and polite. Their efficiency had me impressed.

Food: Have you heard of love at first sight? Well, this food encounter for me was just that, lovestruck !
Flavours, presentation, concoction: floored !
We ordered from the dimsums menu and oh boy! The dimsums were divine.
• Chicken dimsums: Juicy, delicious.
• Prawn and Chive dimsums: subtle flavours and lovely bite to them.
• Mixed seafood dumplings were standard served with a chilli garlic oil.
• Egg fried rice was super well prepared and fluffy.
• Pecking Duck was WOW. The duck was so well cooked and perfectly crispy on the outside. The flavours were bang on and the DIY concept makes it a fun dish to assemble and gobble.
• Spare ribs in black bean sauce tasted good. Not a big fan of spareribs however I liked the preparation.
• Steamed Curry squid was different, prepared in a lovely rich spice broth and delectable of course
• Prawn and chicken Sui mai dumpling was wonderfully made again.
• Roast pork puff was my favourite. The pastry was buttery and crunchy and the pork filling, so so orgasmic!
• Duck spring rolls were pretty spectacular again. Crunchy phyllo filled with well cooked meat.

Every dish came with a separate dipping sauce which was a good palate changer. The flavours of the food reflected careful attention to detail and composition.

Verdict: Highly upscale, sophisticated and huge on food aesthetic. Gets as close to authentic Chinese Cuisine as it can in India and the food quality speaks for itself.
Prices are of course a bit steep but hey, a little bit indulgence for a visit to a royal kitchen totally justifies it.

My cravings are totally taken care of. Amen.

Cost/ person : Rs 4000 ( inc beer )

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