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Kesar Amritsar

Kesar Amritsar

Our Bags are packed and we are ready to go. My first visit to Amritsar and I was very excited. We opted for a road trip which gave this trip an extra edge. After reaching Amritsar the first place I wanted to visit was Obviously “The Golden Temple”. We all were hungry as well, so we were looking for a place that cannot be missed. After exploring all foodie sites we found Kesar da Dhaba. My eyes stretched to the most possible limit after seeing a rating of 4.9 on a most explored foodie site. The rating was equivalent to The Indian Accent,  New Delhi.
Came out of the hotel and asked for the location of Kesar da Dhaba, and guess what each and every body knew about it. We hired a “battery vala Rickshaw”. We were suggested by Ambarsarias to do so as the road is very crampy. On the way I felt like I am in Delhi-6.
It took us hardly 10 mins to reach Kesar Amritsar.They have two seating areas on both sides of the road. One of them is shut in afternoon’s low business hours.
The seating is very simple with typical wooden benches. Nothing fancy, giving  a very rustic look.
The all veg menu came with a lot of options. But somehow we all wanted to start our meal with a dessert, don’t know why? We asked for a couple of Phirnis .
Going straight to the main course, after
taking valuable suggestions from one of team members we ordered for Palak Paneer, Dal Fry, Kadhi and Matar Paneer with Missi Roti , Aloo parantha,  Butter Naan and Lachha parantha.

Phirni :- It was so very good. Very subtle on sweetness and perfect in texture. Undoubtedly the best I ever had. I am saying this after exploring each and every place that serves Phirni and Delhi-6.

Rating :- 5/5

Palak paneer :- The colour of this dish was the first surprise. It was on  a brownish side. We all were wondering, what is this but paneer was our saviour to help us recognise Palak Paneer.
We immediately , literally jumped on it. There was a pin drop silence for few seconds as we all were lost in the flavours. Amazingly tasty. I am not a Palak paneer person but I can have this particularly preparation endlessly. It will be a sin if I don’t say that it was again in my “Best I ever had” list. Perfect in texture, which is very important for a good Palak paneer. Very well balanced on spices. Paneer was also of a good quality.

Rating – 5/5

Dal Fry :- The Dal Fry tasted bland in my first bite. Palak paneer was the culprit. After the second bite I got the right flavour. It was also good in taste. A little thin in consistency as compared to my liking. It was also very tasty. Not the best though.

Rating :- 4/5

Kadhi:- Tasted great. It was perfect in  consistency. The spicy and tangy flavours were evenly balanced as well.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Matar Paneer  :- The lowest point of our meal. It just didn’t match the dishes mentioned above. I could have enjoyed it anywhere else but by this time Kesar da Dhaba increased my expectations level. Found it very low in flavours and this is something they need to work on. Then also I will say it was not bad

Rating :- 3/5

Breads:- They all were made crispy and equally soft. The lachha parantha was as flaky as it is supposed to be. Aloo parantha was also a great companion for all the gravies.

Rating :- 4/5

Matka Kulfi :- As we thought of second dessert, we ordered for a Matka Kulfi. It came wrapped in a colourful cloth and frozen to the core of it. Rather it was too frozen to eat. We had to ask the server to make it edible and he immediately took the action. It came with right consistency  and lived to up to our expectations.

Rating:- 4/5

Service :- We can’t expect a lot on this point though. They did the best they could. Our food came on time and we never had to ask for anything twice. The servers explained the dishes very well as well.

Value for money :- Our bill was of 950 INR only. Do I need to say anything else. Full VFM place. It is a must visit eating joint in Amritsar.

Kesar Amritsar is a must visit place for all the food lovers


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