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Schengen Deli-Bistro-Pub


“European Bay”

Some places are just meant to be discovered, and this is one of them. Malcha Marg is one place where you will find many of these beautiful places, so what makes Schengen stand out. I think the clintele, they are a very authentic European Deli Bistro Pub as the name suggests. Having lived in Europe for some time i cold recall some of the flavors.

The moment you enter the place, an old telephone standing at the corner looks beautiful, I am sure many people can miss it. A very good pastry collection at the entrance would also be mouth watering. spread across 3 floors and a balcony on the first floor, they have ample space. Music is different for different seating as well, the wine bottle racks at the back of the cake and pastry display is also something which is worth looking at.


DSC_0118 DSC_0097 DSC_0166

Their menu is huge, and u really need big hands to hold it. We sat on the second floor, right in front of the bar, i could see my favorite drinks being prepared right in front of me. Their Bar has an amazing wall, in fact the whole Schengen has beautiful walls. The full European feel is what you come across in there.

For the Drinks, they have an amazing collection, i ordered Sangria and my Favorite- LIIT. I think I am on an LIIT hunt all across Delhi. Sangria had very small pieces and i think it was a good buy, the rich flavor of wine could be felt properly. LIIT was a little strong, but worth the true copper color deserved appreciation. Another drink that deserves a mention is a cocktail made from JD and Cinnamon, served with 3-4 ice cubes, it became my favorite. I am definitely going to order the same in my next visits.



Salads– Watermelon salad is served in a full watermelon which was a good buy. Watermelon balls served inside a full watermelon, and then we had house smoked salmon salad. The use of all the possible elements of salad could be seen in this one- green leafy vegetables and salmon, a good combination overall.

Starters– Mushroom and Halloumi Kebabs, i think juicy flavor of mushroom was something that i was looking for and successfully got it.

Saffron and Sumac crusted Chicken was another pick, and i think this was very worth as not just the way it was served, but also the flavor of chicken was good. I would say the dish is heavy, and it might eat up the space in your stomach which you definitely need for the main course.

Pizza– visiting a European place and not having pizza over there is a sin. We tried their no cheese pizza, and now pizza without cheese, seriously how can we even think about it, but this is true. It was worth, now a thin crust pizza with all the vegetables on it and no cheese. Something worth experiencing.

Main Course– Now this is the section where most of us would like to spend our energy on.


They have LOBSTER, yes they have it and that too a very tasty. I love sea food, and i can practically eat anything, and having a lobster here was an amazing thing for me. It comes in a wide open case of Lobster, and nicely cooked flesh will just give you a feeling of being lost in its flavor. Just one line- if you are a foodie, you got to try Lobster here.

The other thing again was a unique one, Duck– Duck breast, normally duck is prepared and served a little soft. Here it was a little hard but worth it, just one advice- spend a little time with this dish and eat it nicely. I am sure you will come back to this place for these 2 dishes for sure.



Desserts– Something without which my meal can not end.



was the call, it was good, I think it can beat most of the bakeries serving red velvet. I think it could have been served a little better, I eat with my eyes as well.

Overall it was a worth experience and i think worth visiting again as well.



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