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Forked at Fork You Too

Among the famous restaurants and bars in Leisure Valley area in Sector-29 Gurgaon, The popular “Fork You” from HKV has opened it’s second profane (Just by it’s name) restaurant Fork You Too *Pun absolutely intended* (Crack: Fork You 2)

I had the fortune to visit here one odd Friday evening with fellow foodies and this is my take on the restaurant.
It has seating arrangements for about 100, give or take and it’s spaced out nicely with plenty of room to wiggle your, well dance actually. EDM music would be keeping you company.

We ordered the following dishes-
Chilly & Corn Samoset, Onion Rings, Chips & Salsa, Veg Bruschetta, Forked Spring Rolls, Veg Mozarella Fingers, Veg Potato Skins

Main Course:
Pasta’s: Penne Arrabiatta, Penne Alfredo
Burgers: Herbivore Special, Mushroom Galouti Burger

White Chocolate Banana Pudding, New York Cheese Cake

Fresh Lime & Fruit Bull

Among the Starters, what really stood out for me was the Mozarella Fingers. I’ve had my fair share of cheese balls and Mozarella sticks in and this comes in my top favorites! To be consumed immediately, each bite had a cheesy goodness filled and the accompanying sauce was chilly based which was the perfect compliment to the fingers.
The Onion Rings and Chilly & Corn Samoset come second on my list of favorites. Although they weren’t something out of the world, But well prepared and delicious to eat.
Chips & Salsa and the Veg Bruschetta were as you would expect them. The Forked Spring Rolls were something I didn’t like. Like a normal spring roll, except the filling was majorly based of spinach, which was not what anyone on the table was either looking forward to or liked. The Veg Potato Skins, the proportion of the potato was I think a tad bit more in comparison to the cheese and toppings it had. (Probably smaller proportions with a tad bit more toppings would help)

Main Course
Among the Pasta’s, both of them were equally well prepared and nothing out of the ordinary. Although if pressed, I think I will give more points to the Alfredo sauce as it was more creamy and the vegetables were soft.
I didn’t like either of the burgers. Plus the Mushroom Galouti Patty had a very strong taste of cloves. This was kind of sad as the Burgers over at the original Fork You were quite renowned.

The White Chocolate Banana Pudding was amazing. If you don’t have anything against bananas or a pudding you can definitely order this. The New York Cheese Cake was good too. Nothing exceptional though.

The Fruit Bull was quite refreshing and since I take virgin drinks only, this was quite good than what I anticipated.Unfortunately they were out of smoothies when I went so that was a bit sad.

The service was also quite prompt but though granted, the place was almost deserted so we did have all the attention.

Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Food – 4/5
Value for Money – 3.5/5

Overall: 3.75/5


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