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Innovation Redefined at Cafe Out of the Box , Hauz Khas Village

Apart from the beautiful Mughal Era lake, if Hauz Khas Village is famous for something elsethen ,it is undoubtedly the famous Café OTB .
This place wears a very lively look and also gives that energetic vibe. The café can accommodate a fairly good gathering and also has an alluring outdoor dining area which gives a picturesque view of the Hauz Khas Lake. A fairly good job has been on the interiors. The café also features a big screen which provides a perfect setting to enjoy your favourite game. Also, the peppy in-house was good enough to make anyone groove to it.
Coming to food , the café has certain items such as the  Naan Pizza and The OTB Hammer ,which can definitely be termed as ‘ Out of the Box ’ and live up to its name.

Food Talks

Veg Attractions

The veg meze platter gave a good start to meal , especially the babaganoush. The platter was also accompanied by hot steamy rice balls . Up next we had Veg Pepper Ball with Chilli sauce which were not that impressive, mainly due to the over sweetness of the sauce and the not so delightful taste of the balls. However, the disappointment didn’t last long as the OTB Special Naan Pizza arrived . This latest addition to the menu is undoubtedly one of the most impressive innovations in recent times. The preparation was basic, consisting of tomatoes, onion and cheese on a naan but , it was very delicious and appreciated by all . OTB might not be the place for Mocktails but the staff gave us their best bet and both rounds of mocktails , comprising of Fruit Punch , Blue Lagoon and the Bar Special were enjoyed by all of us .

Non Veg Food
It quite lives upto its name by having many out of the box things in menu. Chicken Naan Pizza and Chili Chicken Maggi were the dishes any youngster junkie can vouch for and even the names possess homely vibes which can make you try these for sure. The taste was equally compelling for both of them. Non veg mezze platter was another treat to tastebuds striving for meat. It had dishes for all three popular meats, Chicken, Lamb and Fish with Baba Ghanoush and Hummus completed with pita bread. Talking about other dishes, fried sole fish and Chicken could have been better with just minor tweaks and they failed to give an impression worth recommending. Still the food on a whole was better than many eateries in the village can be relied on as a great companion with drinks and friends.

Signature Cocktails again gave glimpse of creative approach put forward in bringing out blends of liquor with various fruit flavors and in many ways were even brightly successful. Cucumber Sparkle, Caribbean thunder, Cantaloupe Affaire and Crush on Ice were perfectly right as a nice blend of buzz and flavor. OTB Hammer, their signature shooter is again a must try. I won’t describe it for the sake of not ruining the unexpected surprise.


We all agreed to have Blueberrey cheesecake and Chocolate cake for desserts which were presented beautifully and totally flawless.
The reason for such popularity definitely lies in the excellent quality of service that has been provided  over a period of time . OTB has always been a Top Player in the Village and it continues to occupy the same position till date , mainly due to superior quality of food and the lively ambiance provided to the guests .


Out of the box, Hauz Khas Village has managed to stand out of many eateries in the area due to many reasons. Whether it be the classy ambiance or incomparable line up of dishes, it has set its mark among the most preferred places for hangout in this latest cult village of capital.
The décor of this place is a good reason to visit. The lighting is dim and goes really well with woody texture of everything here including seating, walls, tables etc. In all everything looks great as a whole ambiance for a nice dining experience.

In a Nutshell 4/5

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