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Great Warm Lebanese Feast at The Town House Cafe

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. Team Hmm! headed to C.P in search of our New story.We Decided to Visit The Town House Cafe and Try their new Lebanese Menu which is Operational from Today on-wards.

Lebanese cuisine is counted as a Mediterranean cuisine that is a hybrid of local, Ottoman, Shami (the areas of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria), Persian and other cuisines from cultures that influenced the area through the centuries.  Its base ingredients include olive oil, garlic, onions, lots of green veggies and grains and of course a variety of seafood and meat.

The Town House Café, located in the N block of Connaught Place, Is another feather in the cap of Mr Priyank Sukhija after the success of The Wareshouse Cafe. Now coming to the food the approximate cost of the New Lebanese spread is Rs 1000+taxes with unlimited mocktails and Rs 1600+ with unlimited cocktails.

So the place is huge, you enter it and you can see all these really comfortable sofas and nicely done up interiors. The perfect place to hang out with friends and yes Sir They have a huge bar section as well. Although most cafes don’t concentrate on food, this one isn’t going on the same track.

Food Talks ( Veg)

We  tried the assorted veg mezze platter, which consisted of falafel, cigar rolls, cheese sambousek and spinach fatayer, along with 4 dips.
The falafel was very good, with sesame seeds all over it. The cigar rolls tasted mostly like spring rolls so we didn’t get the point of including them in a mezze platter. The cheese sambousek were filled with a little bit of cheese and were quite tasty. The spinach fatayer was better compared to a lot of places as the spinach was cooked properly with bits of cheese added to it.

For main course, I had the cottage cheese steak with pilaf rice. The cottage cheese tasted like shahi paneer and the pilaf rice was more of a better version of  biryani. They were both quite tasty but they could use some more Mediterranean spices to make it more authentic.
To drink, I had the cosmopolitan and the martini, which were stronger that I had expected but well blended.

Food Talks (Non-Veg)

We Started with their assorted Non-Veg Mezze Platter, it comprised of Rubiya mishri (chargrilled prawns), Samak hara (Mint & sumac flavored Fish) , Lahm kofte (Lamp meat dumpling),Chicken shistouk and chicken cigar roll.

Dejaz Meshwi was the Next Dish to follow and it was grilled chicken chunks served with hummus and Pilaf (pulao). It tasted quite good and the presentation was also very alluring.


In a nutshell
The New Lebanese Menu has a lot to offer and It is nice to see The Townhouse Cafe expanding it’s expertise to the Mediterranean cuisine as well.

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