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Piccadilly Janakpuri ‘s Zune organized Rajasthani Food Festival

Piccadilly Janakpuri ‘s Zune organized Rajasthani food festival in the month of November . Rajasthani cuisine is still a novelty in the North Indian market . To most of the people Rajathani food consists mostly vegetarian dishes with daal bati churma topping the lists . The food in a particular region is developed according to the resources and requirements to sustain life . The food is hot which help people to drink lot of water to sustain hot weather of the dessert . The food is also high in calories with the middle class not having access to multiple meals throughout the day. But as they things have been changing over the past few decades.

The non-veg food which is not known to many people is an explosion of flavors to the mouth  . They use less number of spices and the main protein used in this cuisine is Lamb or mutton . There is a Dish called Jangli mass which is made from equal proportion of the protein and chilies used , desi ghee and salt . If hotness in food in not your cup of tea then Lal mass is something to try. It is a thin gravy and piping hot lamb curry without the fire.

Ambiance and Service

The Restaurant is decorated with Rajasthani theme which reflected their culture . There are live Gazal singers which kept the mood going . The service was brilliant and everything is taken care of. All the servers are very well trained and in the process of serving they make sure the person eating the food is not getting disturbed , a mark of a star rated hotel .

Food Talk

Bhunna Tamatar Aur sookhi Dhaniya Ka kadoo-(A Thin soup of tomato spiked with roasted coriander)

Tandoo aur Tawa se
Non Vegetarian Kebabs

Udaipuri Macchi Tikka -Fish marinated with burnt garlic and burnt onion finished in Tandoor- The fish was fresh but very unusual on the Rajasthani menu

Khad Murgh -Spring Chicken marinated with curd, red chili paste and crushed whole spices. Chilli is the main spice in most Rajasthani food may be because of the fact that you need to absorb more fluids
Maas ka Soola -Mouth melting lamb fillet tenderized with raw papaya marinated in yogurt, –  It was a bit dry and I did not like it . The juices were lost upon us.

Murgh Banjara-Boneless chicken Tikka marinated with curd, yellow chili paste and crushed whole spices- amazing texture and marination

Vegetarian Kebabs
Paneer ke Sooley -Cottage cheese marinated with green chili and mint finished in tandoor – The paneer was a bit dry and was not a good to taste

Channa Hing ki Sheekh – Tangy and spicy Chick peas and whole red chili skewers finished in tandoor – This is one of the best kebabs in veg

Shangri   ke kabab -Shangri patty stuffed with pickled cheese – Spicy and the taste of Shangri is adventurous
Dahi ke Kabab -Curd patty hued with robust spices-  cooker to perfection with a melt in your mouth hung curd

Main Course

Non vegetarian
Lal Maas-Baby lamb marinated with red chili salt ginger garlic cooked in boiled onion and Tomato gravy . This was my favorite dish , as I like my food hot . Best enjoyed with Missi Roti

Murgh Ka Mukul -Chicken cooked in boiled onion and curd gravy spiked with home ground spices


Pittor ka saag -Gram flour cubes cooked in Masala and yoghurt gravy, Ker Shangri Achari
Small spicy lentil cooked with dried fenugreek leaves finished with tangy spices, Paneer papad ki subzi -Cottage cheese and onions tosses with spicy boiled onion and yogurt gravy flavored with cumin  .Aloo pyaaz ka Saag -Potato cooked with onion and tomato spiced with mustard seeds, whole red chilly. Dal Tadkha Rajasthani -Five lentils spiked with roasted garlic tempered with whole red chili, cumin .

I Liked the vegetarian main course dishes more than Non vegetarian as the vegetables encompass the soul of Rajasthan


Moong Dal Halwa  – They added wheat to the halwa which reduced excessive oil and added a texture

Churma – Balanced and subtle in taste

 Food rating 4.5/5

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