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Burger King India – Everything you need to know

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We won’t bore you with the history of Burger King. Google would be a better option for that. But for the record, Burger king has opened its first outlet in Select city walk, Saket, New Delhi . The brand will soon be opening couple of outlets  in the Capital in the coming months. Before coming to India, Burger King did a lot of R&D because of the diversity of the Indian market. They realised that their most popular beef burger won’t be acceptable to the Indian masses and being a QSR they needed a product which could strike a chord amongst the masses. So the kitchen of Burger king was totally revamped to develop products custom made for India. Among them the top priorities was to woo the vegetarian client which consists of more than 50% in Revenue for any QSR in India which has a National presence . After months of research they came up with 3 things which Indian customer wants. Crispy, juicy and spicy. So, following that diktat, Burger King throws open it’s doors from 9th November, 2014. But before that, we bring you an exclusive insight into the launch party and it’s products.
Rocky enthralls us with his humongous appetite
and witty quotes
Hosted by the foodie duo of Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma in collaboration with Chef Vicky Ratnani, the pre-launch event was a huge learning experience. The tables were reversed as the bloggers worked the kitchens and understand the pressure which is on the staff while working in a QSR format. The veg and the nonveg stations are different along with colour coded tongs, a common practice which is followed by McDonald’s and KFC as well. With a product range larger than any of the existing QSR’s, they are attempting to make a burger to suit every palate. But where do they stand on the taste scale? Read on.
Team Hmm! wins the burger making competition
With Chef Vicky Ratnani

Food Talk

As people who have been following us now for the last 15 months know that we do an annual burger hunt in which we rate a burger on 3 properties – Bun quality, the taste of the patty inside and the quality of the salad & sauce used. We use the same scale for Burger King
The Classic Chicken Royal – The recipe has not been untouched and lacks all the 3 qualities which were meant to go into the burger. You would love it if you like your burger subtle with the least amount of seasoning and a lean patty.
Chicken whooper

Chicken Tandoor Grill – The burger has a chicken tikka as a patty with a tangy mint sauce in between. The classic North Indian combination brought to life. But its downfall is the patty. A single big piece of chicken which is impossible to view down in a bun instead of being a minced patty. Fork You, interestingly won the best non veg burger in our Burger hunt this with a similar burger but with the latter.
Flame grilled tandoori chicken burger
Chicken and Mutton Whopper – Both them lacked juices and spices. The burger is huge and messy, a foodie’s delight. So if you wish to bring your Girlfriend along and want to have a whopper, better have one who loves her food. 

Paneer King Melt burger – This is the best Vegetarian burger we tasted and is a must have. Burger king does all the right things in this burger. The paneer is minced to perfection and strong spices set this burger apart.
Mango Shake
Shakes – Mango and chocolate are a delight to drink, but the strawberry topples the sweetness meter, killing off any semblance of the acidity of the berries

Chicken strips and French Fries
The chicken strip has a wonderful crispy spicy flavour to it. Although the regular fries are equally sized, crisped to perfection and not loaded with salt, their Rocket Fries falls down on it’s face, all thanks to it’s sogginess.
Crispy French fries
Desserts: Their dessert menu does not bring in anything new with the regular fares of ice cream and chocolate cake being doled out.
180° You can swirl it, but not drop it
Our Take – The vegetarian product are really nice and should do well as they are juicy , crispy and spicy . The classics will be admonished by Burger King loyalists and their non vegetarian menu requires a bit more of tinkering.
3.75 / 5 Rating for the food    

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      Dear Amogh

      We think we are comparing apples with apples . Taste is very subjective and BK is not a mass brand like mcd . Most of the burger have international taste which is subtle . Did you noticed most of the patty are grilled rather than deep fried and they use 100% product and not any fillers

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