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Chaayos – 3 points something (SDA market )

    Chaayos – 3 Point something 
India has always been a country of tea lovers. Mornings or mid work breaks were incomplete without a chai. But along came westernisation and riding it came Coffee. With super aggressive marketing by  brands like CCD and Barista, we forgot what we loved the most. Every youngster wanted a sip of Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk(one of the most complex coffee orders at Starbucks). The lack of variety and customisation in teas was slowly shunting it out of the mind of the young generation. But 3 IIT students are revolutionising the hot beverage market with a huge variety of teas made to order. They are bringing back the classic, albiet in a new customised avatar.
SDA outlet
Raghav pouring tea

Nitin Saluja founded Chaayos and gave the boring old indian tea a twist .Teas cannot be pumped with creams and syrups like coffee. They need a sense of balance of flavor to make a tea cocktail . The Hari Mirch Chai, Aam Papad and Rose chai are something to be talked about. With flavours arising from deep within, it is both a gustatory and an olfactory experience to behold. My personal favorite is their  basic tea called “ SABKUCH “ which can be customized in 12,000 ways (talk about permutations and combinations). With introducing the idea of customization to chai, this brand is spreading like a fire and slowly but steadily getting people back to good old chai.
Sabkuch ( Every ingredient ) chai
Aam Papad chai
They also offer some desi coolers such as Modi nagar ki Shikanji with the earthy flavours of north India, the Rooh Afza shake which will bring back childhood memories and the Chiku shake which you would remind you of Mumbai.

They have recently opened their seventh outlet in Delhi NCR right in front of their Alma Mater, the bustling SDA market. With chai carriers as a wall hangings, they are seamlessly mixing the Modern India with the world outside Just like Starbucks, every glass has your name written on it. There are separate glasses for the hot and the cold drinks and instead of mugs, you get cutting chai glasses and Kulhars.The seating is comfortable and you can hangout with your friends for hours over a cup of tea.
Food Talks
Comfort food rules here. This is food you have had on a street, not some mind numbing tongue twisting dish from a Michelin starred chef. But head to head, their food scores a major point over all the Coffee joints. Few thing I would recommend you to have.
Croissant Sandwich
The Veg and Non Veg Croissant Sandwiches with a crispy bread on the outside and a smooth, creamy filling inside. Full of flavours, this would be ideal for a cold winter night. The Kadai Paneer Wrap is a spicy Punjabi classic wrapped in a roll. There are also some things you find more in a hostel rather than a street. The Maggie sandwich and the Maska Pao Bhujia are two of those. Also find some classics in the Kheema Pao, the Vada Pao and the Poha. 
A brilliant concept which is bringing comfort food and an endless variety of Chai to the working professional. Coffee giants…. Beware
Just across IIT Delhi A true Indian concept created by IITians

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  1. 1

    Nice concept … but … I don’t think the Coffee Giants need to beware, just yet 🙂 🙂 … unfortunately, for tea .. coffee has taken such a giant leap forward, in this country, that the gap between tea n coffee is only widening.
    The real issue seems to be with the base ingredient … the tea leaves used or the coffee beans … whereas coffee beans are acheiving a degree of standardization, in India, funnily enough tea leaves are not …
    And, for God’s sake … Aam Papad waali Chai II Horrors ….

    • 2

      Although it might be a drop in the ocean when compared to coffee, but we need to get behind our boys. Secondly, for a bong with a craving for Aam Shotto, it was pure bliss… I am going to treat you to one of those… 😉

  2. 3

    Three Cheers to Chaayos and Team….Nitin ..Raghav brain behind this amazing concept…offcourse Tea wala running the country ….and IIT wala running Tea Stall…Jai Jawan Jai Kisan …Mera Hindustan Mahan…go International Nitin …you absolutely rock…Your Biggest Fan and First customer in Building 5 ..Puja Chawla

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