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Soda Bottle Opener Wala V 2.0 Khan Market –

Soda bottle opener wala recently opened at Khan market . When SBOW first opened in Cyber HUB it was an unique attraction and people use to specifically visit cyber hub to check out this Parsi Irani café for its name and food. It was not easy for them to charm the public in the beginning. They faced several challenges and the outlet was even closed on the eve of Christmas last year. A limited vegetarian menu and a long awaited liquor licence further compounded their problems. But resting all that aside, hard core foodies lined up outside their doors for a grab of this rare cuisine.
Bhindi bazaar sheek
An Irani Café is not depended on liquor sale, so the business sustained and frankly I am not a big fan of sweetened cocktails. All the Cocktails which I tasted had a similar sweetness which cut down the taste of the alcohol. There are 3 cocktails which you must try are Sugarcane with Bacardi – 
Dikra Kiri , Berries with Tequila – Daaruwala Vimto  and Prithvi’s Irish Coffee.
Prithvi’s Irish Coffee.
SBOW v2.0 has more to offer than the Cyber hub store , it reminds me more of an Irani café due to lack of space due to very High rentals in Khan market , they have added more vegetarian options to the menu and even Desserts have also been upgraded . The berry pulao both veg and non-veg are my favorite , the Dhansak was made very well though I missed the Brown rice with it , the chicken farcha went very well with the green chutney . Talking about green chutney they serve it with everything , I think they should add something more varieties of chutney . Mutton Roast Masala had flavors which exploded in the mouth and I loved it.Chicken Baida Roti was awesome and you would find similarities with Mughlai Parantha in the texture and taste
Chicken Baida Roti
Khan market has been dominated by Oriental and Italian food now has something different to offer to the consumers. It’s a must visit place in Khan Market .
I would be still looking for an improvement in vada pao , cocktails section and making dishes which can be called Modern Irani  food  

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