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Punjab Grill – Pacific Mall , West Delhi

Punjab Grill 
Punjab Grill is located on the Cinema level at Pacific Mall , Subash Nagar . You get a good view of the mall from inside the Restaurant. The place is well managed and they know how to take care of their guests . As we occupied the table our drinks were served immediately  with Veg Kurkuri which was just a teaser on the culinary adventure we were getting into . Manhattan was served which was not too stiff and was full of flavor. This was probably the best version of Manhattan that I have tasted so far .
Champ Taejdar
Whiskey Sour
Paneer Tikka Multani and Dahi ke Kebab followed next which were cooked to perfection . Only if the Dahi ke kebab were a little more crisp and sour it would have been a much better dish . Accompanying them were the Champ Taejdar and Chicken Malai Tikka. I am not a big fan of Red meat but it’s things like Champ Taejdar which bring me back to such places for their Red meat. The meat was tender and very well marinated . The chicken was nicely done with all the juices intact. This is not a very spicy kebab but full of flavor  . If you like things more spiced up then try Bhatti Murgh which is a really nice version of tandoori murgh .
Whiskey Sour – From the old books came in Whiskey sour made with jim bean which delighted the meal further – A must Try
Cranberry Apple version Mojito – This is one of  the best Virgin Mojito you could get in Delhi Ncr. The crispness of the cranberry makes the drink a delight.
Murgh Makhni ( butter chicken ) – Very nicely done and few of the places you should visit for their Butter chicken or in this case Mugh Makhni
Meat Punjab Grill – The  quality of the mutton was good but missed on the grainy texture of Kada Masala
Paneer Lababdar – A nice cottage cheese dish which most of the Restaurants overdo . Must have for vegetarians
Dal Punjab Grill – The Famous Dal Makhni was really nice and was full of Aroma
Gulab Jammun with a chocolate center was a revelation along with Phirni served to end our meal

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