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Amici: The quintessential European cafe

A series of comedy is what will happen if a surgeon (doctor foodie) will crave for a hot, steamy, thin crust, wood fired pizza and decides to catch up with his budding lawyer friend and co–blogger  (legally foodie). So we put on our thinking caps (believe me it’s more difficult than it sounds) and zeroed in on AMICI CAFÉ, located bang in the heart (middle lane) of Khan Market. An archetypical European café,this place actually fulfills the definition of a café instead of the garishness that actually passes for it in India nowadays.

Spread across two floors, the upper floor has a terrace to relax while you while away your time over enriching conversations.

Starting off with Ginger Fizz as drinks(INR 85). Light, spicy and fresh with a sprig of mint in it makes for a perfect start to the evening.

Ginger Fizz

The Ragu Pizza is our choice of pizza (INR 495). Beautiful mince mutton over a crisp wood fired pizza with enough cheese to add a creamy texture to the pizza. The earthen home made ragu sauce combines perfectly with the meat.

Mutton Ragu Pizza

The juicy Tenderloin Burger(INR 460) is another revelation. A huge patty made of ground beef along with crispy bacon strips and tomato relish. Although the beef was a bit on the drier side, but the cheesiness of the burger more than compensates for it. The salad served along with the burger did not have the dressing spread all over. The crispy fries and the caramelised onions are a perfect accompaniment to this gourmet burger.

Tenderloin Burger

Overall, a place with where push away your footwear, sit on the terrace with a smoke and chill over some great food without blaring music jarring your senses.

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