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Farzi – Fusion Food at its best Cyber Hub

 Zorawar Kalra,  the master of innovation in the recent past launches Farzi Café that  innovates the Indian cuisine with newer combinations and the use of molecular gastronomy. Although molecular gastronomy is still a new concept in India, the high costs preclude the aam aadmi to taste them. But Farzi café does exactly the needful. The best of modern cuisine at rates more humane. 
Spread across a huge amount of acreage, their prep station with a huge logo just outside their kitchen holds centre stage as well as a stage with enough space for a live band and to rock the night away. Sourabh, our chef having worked at Indian Accent and Masala Library, dishes out his best.
The mishti doi balls covered in liquid nitrogen burst with the heat of your mouth and release the wonderful liquid. Although the taste of the doi feels a bit restrained but the lovely flavour of saunf makes for a wonderful start off. The mini raj kachoris are a revelation. Stuffed with pumpkin mash, lathered by a foam of the saunth and accompanied by crispy okra, the flavours and texture dance on your palate. 
The chicken 65 lollipops with a splatter of the south Indian chutney and the tempura fried prawns with a mirch and nimboo air are batter fried to perfection with their respective sauces playing a perfect accompaniment to them. The chilly pork ribs with the ristaa reduction is spicy and fiery while the maple syrup covered lamb chops with a whisky sour cream is sweet on the outside with tasty fresh meat inside.
Before we move onto the mains, the cheeni parantha with duck roast makes an appearance at our table. Sugar caramelised on a parantha with a perfectly roasted duck liver on top but the sizes are a bit disproportionate with the taste of the liver getting overwhelmed by the sweetness of the parantha. The Hajmola lollipop puts us right back on track.
In the meantime, the mixologist entertains us with green apple soda granite with a mint foam over it. A drink so refreshing, you will leave your worries behind. Next is a mixture of Californian oranges juice with the omnipresent kaffir lime leaves. The scent of the sour limes combines wonderfully with the tasty orange juice to make a perfect partner for the meal.
With so much experimentation going on in the starter section, their mains seems much tamed. The posh maggi is cooked with truffle oil and liver on top while the prawn chettinad, although flavourfull but it seems that the chef forgot to pull all the stops out. Their burgers are pretty simple, the non veg galawati burger uses up the classic way of eating it with mint chutney and onion rings while the vegetarian guptaji ka burger is a rendition of the classic street burger with a lather of barbeque sauce in it.
Our meal ends with their already famous Parle G cheesecake dipped in rabri with gems. The cheesecake has the perfect sour taste but it is the mild sweetness of the rabri that takes the prize. The phirni oxide is a classic example of molecular gastronomy with liquid nitrogen being used to freeze the phirni . But this phirni needs a moment to rest before you start singing about it. The rooh afza crème brulee with passion fruit sewai is going to be a favourite amongst rooh afza lovers but their piece de resistance is the rasmalai. Pieces of rasmalai along with carrot cake and a crispy sugary delight . But the main reason these desserts stand out is because of their restrained sweetness.
We end our meal with a refreshing Nashik Orange with kaffir lime air. Soft, light, refreshing, innovative. The farzi paan is a delicately crafted piece of cotton candy with tastes of betel leaf and saunf.
A bit heavy on the pocket but much more accessible than the other places which serves such cuisine, Farzi Café emerges as a winner in the Cyber Hub.

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