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Wizwits show at Showshaa – Kingdom Of Dreams Rating 4/5 – Recommended for Kids 5 and above


After the success of Zangoora & Jhumroo, India’s first live entertainment destination, Kingdom of Dreams is all set to start its new musical fantasy stage show for kids called “Wizwits”. The show is targeting the children of age group 5 & above. Directed by Bubbles Sabharwal & Lushin Dubey, the wizwits premiers on the 2nd Sept 2014 in their new showshaa theatre.The play is a funny & magical musical, set in a mad wonderland of the Poo Pot hotel, the hot spot of children vacation …here under the same roof the scary wizards & witches are holding their RSPCC convention.
  These batwinged wizi wizi creatures have a bizzare plan to destroy children all over the world by feeding them poisoned chocolates and turning them into mice………to know how the good wins over bad you must see this show. Apart from adult actors, the children acting was a  treat to watch.

Catch Wizwits at ShowShaaTheatre from Tuesday to Friday at 6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm and 6:00pm each on weekends

About ShowShaa:

Kingdom of Dreams has introduced ShowShaa Theatre, a grand, state-of-the art MICE venue in the country which addresses comprehensive needs of the business industry that can combine business with pleasure. A first of its kind and a unique concept in India, ShowShaacan be a 250 seat auditorium in the day for corporate functions. On the touch of a button its automatic recessing seats can transform it into a banquet hall in the evening for social functions and a glitzy high energy night club on the weekends. Armed to the T with a 60 by 40 ft stage, complete with revolves, hydraulic stage lifts, fly bars, Kirby flying systems, state of the art light effects and live size LED walls that create a 3 D effect, the options created by ShowShaawill infuse a breath of fresh air in meetings and conferences and provide an exciting alternative to break the dull boardroom monotony. The world class aerial systems also enable options of a grand entrée on stage of the presenters and key management during an event. Projection screens on left and right walls of the stage can be used for corporate presentations and AVs.
This unique concept at Kingdom of Dreams has now created a cluster of venues inside the magical Kingdom of Dreams where artistry, grace and entertainment combine to add lustre and excitement to dull business meetings and corporate affairs!


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