Gol Gappa – The most Desired thing by a women

Most of us, Delhiites, specially the ladies, go gaga over Golgappas, alongwith it’s eastern and western counterparts, the Fuchka and Panipuri respectively. The difference between the three lies in the texture of the puri and the flavor of the pani.
Everyone has a different spice tolerance. Some like their golgappas sour and spicy, while some like them mildly spicy, and some like them sweet. The taste can be adjusted as per own liking. Sour and spicy contains the khatta pani alone, mild contains a mixture of khatta pani and meetha pani (in some cases, meethi chutney) and sweet contains mostly meetha.
If you like your golgappas light and crisp, go for aata puri and if you want filling golgappas with smoother texture, go for sooji puri.
Some golgappa walas fill there golgappas with aaloo and chana, others fill them with bhallas, etc. The seemingly simple golgappa has so many variations and so many possible customizations.
Even the makers of the movie Queen tried to show how amazing golgappas are, even foreigners could end up loving them. Though, we are not as sure whether they can handle the spice, ‘saadi Dilli wale’ can surely do. Here are some popular golgappa walas in Delhi:
Bengali Sweet House, Bengali Market: Bengali Sweet House is a sweet shop that also serves North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Fast Food, and has proper dine-in available. Lots and lots of women line up to have the golgappas. They are a must have! The golgappas are hygienic and the khatta pani and meetha pani are made from mineral water. Both aata and sooji variants are available. One plate consists of 8 pieces and costs about Rs. 50. The server is really very sweet and polite. 
Atul Chaat Corner, Rajouri Garden:One cannot simply pass by this shop without stopping for golgappas. They also serve PavBhaji, Aaloo Tikki, Bhalla Papdi Chaat, Bhel Puri, Kulfi Faluda, etc. The water is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. The server wears gloves while serving, so the golgappas are hygienic. There are two counters for golgappas, the one that serves only golgappas is better. 5 pieces come for Rs. 30. There is no sitting space. So, in case, you are planning to eat something else also, you have to stand by a huge table and eat.
Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar:Vaishno Chat Bhandar serves delicious and chilled golgappas, that too using mineral water. They have the perfect combination of sweet and sour flavours. No visit to Kamla Nagar can ever be complete without having a mouth-full of these spice bombs. One plate consisting of 4 pieces costs Rs. 20.
Evergreen Sweet Shop, Green Park:Evergreen is a very famous shop. It is known for its golgappas as well as the tikki, dosa, and jalebi. Evergreen’s golgappas and golgappa chaat are heavenly. The golgappa chaat is a mouth watering fusion of papdi chaat, golgappa, and raj kachori. You just can’t get enough of it. One plate of golgappas costs Rs. 65 and golgappa chaat costs Rs. 80.
Fuchkawallah in Market no1, CR Park:
Although the eastern variant, the fuchka is difficult to find except the gladness of West Bengal, this Bengali bylane of Delhi serves up a mean fuchka. A crisp atta puri which a filling spicy enough to bring the smoke out your ears and a paani sour enough to clear your sinuses for a very long time. Not something for the weak hearted, many a customers have left with tears in their eyes. At 10 bucks a plate of 4, it’s light on the pocket too.
And it doesn’t end without taking extra paani from bhaiyaji serving you. But if you cannot handle the amount of spice, there is always a meethi papdi to save your taste buds from the agony.

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