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Minar – CP

Another place dishing out the north Indian fare in the outer circle of Connaught place. A group of foodies, some alcohol and some fingerlicious food make for a very memorable evening.
A rustic seating with heavyset chairs around solid hardwood tables, this place reminds you of days gone by. We start off with the zesty combination of crispy chicken pakodas, an under marinated chicken tandoori but followed up with a zesty, melt in your mouth mutton bursa. The meat literally strips off the bone and the heavy flavours of spices set your palate up for the mains.
Next on the gauntlet is the thick creamy daal makhni which complement the butter rotis like a finger in a glove. The mutton rogan josh sets your palate afire with the spices, while the keema mutter subtly disses out the flavors . The chicken curry seems a bit unbalanced and fails to impress at all.
The service seems like something they need to put some work into. It’s slow and unintelligent probably because of the staff getting too comfy in their positions.
This place makes for some crack ass mutton dishes but the chicken fails to impress big time.

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