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Can you Trust a Lean Chef – Lean Chef

Can you ever trust a lean chef to make good food? The answer lies within. On a meeting with the Food Champ, hunger pangs suddenly got the better off us. Unhealthy snacking was out of the question as the Food Champ plans to tie the knot this year. So, the Lean Chef it was.

We ponder over the menu. Me fighting for the taste, he for the calories. Finally we compromise on a southwest chicken wrap, a steamed meatball pizza and a lemon cupcake.

The cashier almost forgets our presence for the next 15 minutes before I start screaming out of hunger. The cupcake is a monster in disguise. Looks beautiful, is soft but the totally artificial flavours just ruin your taste buds.

Follow it up with the wrap. The yogurt and the fresh salad look inviting, but why anyone would serve sour yogurt with an American flavoured wrap is beyond me. The first bite shows the sin they have committed. The chicken is actually along with bones. Bones that can get stuck in your gullet as you slowly choke to a painful death. The dish is virtually thrown away by both of us. Lean Chef, with plans for serving a healthy option, is virtually serving a health hazard.

Next in line is the pizza. A super thin crust pizza, burnt at the edges, devoid of any cheese, with just a few untasty meatballs and just a few bell peppers on it.

For a place which has a USP of not supporting any of the large corporations, this place in serving readymade pizza sauce, ketchup with it and artificial lemon flavours losses it’s mojo.

A forgetful cashier, an unknowledgable server, a chef without a clue of what he is doing and an owner more interested in scoring a fag with his friends rather than attend to the customers inside make for a recipe for disaster.

P.S: The much publicised 10% discount on checking in was conveniently ignored with the waiter having enough ludicrousness to tell us “Next time, Sir”

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