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Bong Food walk CR Park – Best Bong food outside bengol

Bong food walk in CR park .
Food Curator Sudipto De & Soumabha Ray Chaudhary
Treasurer- Amogh Tiwari 
Pictures – Nishant Arora 
Idea by Hmm team
CR park is a society within a society. Dominated by bongs, this place has a distinct Eastern India flavour.We were here to explore the bong food culture in Delhi and get some free ka gyan . The common thing which was noticed was whenever our Food Curators used their mother tongue Bengali, the shopkeeper’s faces lot up like trees on Christmas eve.

mughlai parantha 

 We need to go back to 1906 to understand the food pattern which has developed in Bengal . After the partitions all the Hindus of the so called East Bengal were pushed to West Bengal and other parts of the country, thus amalgamating two different cuisines. Majority of the bong food is made highly effectively and efficiently with all the resources possible .

There is no Bong Meal complete without Rice and Fish which is a stable of the region . The fish served in the region of Bengal is usually fresh water fish which is a task for a non bong person to eat with the innumerable fish bones. Only about 20% food consist of vegetarian dishes , so If you are a pure vegetarian have a light meal before coming to CR park .

My Visit to Bong walk would be a Remake of Vicky donor called Nicky donor kebab A punju enthusiast in search of Bong food . We started off with ghughni, a spiced up white chick piece dish for vegetarian and for non-vegetarians it had tiny pieces of mutton included . Our next stop few steps away was Kolkata biryani house We tried the Mutton and chicken Biryani and both of them had a piece of boiled potato in their biryani . The Bong biryani is a Common mans Biryani with limited number of ingredients and spices. Next stop was a shop which is not listed on   Zomato or Timescity . They served Mughlai parantha which tasted fantastic . A pastry sheet made up with refined flour packed with egg and chicken . Deep fried in oil which gives it a perfect crunch. Add to it kasundi, a mustard chutney as fiery as the bong women and you have a meal worth remembering.

Fuchka or Golgappe was the next thing on the trial Difference between golgappe and fuchka is the grain while former are made from wheat the latter usually are made from Suji . The fuchkas here were a big let down though. They had become moist due to the humidity in weather .It did not tasted spicy even after our food curator was screaming Moshla dhal saala . Next stop was the Kolkata Kathi roll shop which had around 14 to 16 types of cutlets and chops. I wont bore you with the details of each and every cutlet . In short they all had too much bread crumbs and potato and less of filling due to the fact they are to be sold at a very economical price

From Market 1 to Market 2 we took a 10 -15 minuteswalk ( depending on the size of your belly ) to eat home cooked food at Maa Tara Restaurant which is the any day better than a star rated restaurant which serve diluted bong food to Delhi people . The Kosha Mangsho, a mutton dish cooked to perfection even with less spices was enjoyed by one and all. The shukto, a mix veggies was a novelty in terms of taste. The use of brinjals and bodies( small dollops of dried daal) play with your taste buds like never before. The machcher matha diye daal, fish head with moong dal was a surprise to all of us . Although it requires a braveheart to try, but it has a taste which is unique and is remembered a lifetime. Doi Ilish( hilsa cooked in curd), one of Bengal’s royal delicacies does deserve a special mention for an unparalleled taste and it’s smooth texture makes you go ga-ga.The food was really nice and light on pocket . We loved everything about this place . The best way to explor
e a culture is to try the home cooked food .

P.s  As we were waiting for the seats to get over , we enjoyed Mishti Doi by the kullars . We almost finished all the stock this guy had . This was made from full cream milk and was much more thicker than Mother dairy Mishti Doi which is the first experience most of the non bong people have with it

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