Emotional Eating

 Food and Mood
Just about half an hour back, I was going through this huge mood swing, and that’s why I decided to write about it now. Food and mood go a long way together. Women PMS and they eat; people feel depressed, they eat; stressed – eat; bored – eat; whatever – just eat; I hope you are getting the thing. There is a connection between the two.
So yes, I was cranky. I just kept on telling my mother to give me something to eat. She named a lot of healthy things like fruits, nuts, etc, to eat, but I said no to each option, and just went out of the room. I called my best friend and started crying on the phone, telling her how bad my life was because nothing was going according to me. More specifically my problem was that the food options that my mother gave me were not what I wanted her to give, thus aggravating my crankiness, which of course I did not share with my friend. My friend told me to go out, take a walk and just get out of bed and do something productive. I hung up quickly, telling her that I was going to obey her, which of course I wasn’t going to do. (I hope you aren’t reading this, girl)
After this, I just sat in my bed, sobbing. My mother entered the room with a Dairy Milk Silk, half a bowl of Haldiram nutcrackers and a glass of cold coffee on a tray. I finished off everything. Feeling better, even after pigging out, because firstly, because I did not ask for food, my mom got it for me, so it somehow did not seem as unhealthy; secondly I GOT FOOD!! Yayy!!
So here I am, feeling all fine and telling the world about it. It is not just my story; most of us rely on comfort foods for happiness. It is called emotional eating. And, it is one of the worse things you can do to yourself, because:
a.  You are eating dirty and ruining your health and diet.
b.  There are better and more long-lasting ways of dealing with it, and
c.  The happiness will be taken over by guilt of eating unhealthy in sometime.
So, what to do about it? Here are some effective ways of dealing with mood swings that work for me (which is, when I follow them):
1.  Eat when you are calm. Try not to eat when you are feeling angry or sad. Try going for a walk or a jog instead. Just get out of that room!
2.  I know you would not really follow the one above, so try eating something healthy like fruits or nuts, like my mum says.
3.  If eating healthy is just not your thing, like it is not mine, try eating in moderation. If you are eating something like chips, instead of eating out of the packet, put them in a small bowl and eat. Do not go for second helping. Enjoy each bite and keep it in your mouth for a longer time.
4.  If that is not your thing, just eat today. Okay? Compensate tomorrow by eating healthy, or working out.
5.  And, if you are not following any of the above points, God help you! You are going to feel bad about it for a while. But, forget it by your next mood swing.
So eat healthy. Eat wise. Eat anything. But, keep sulking aside.
By Manitasha Singh
Team HMM!

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